A handsome  bay mule colt out of  
MacNasty's Three Lynx and Diamondback
Rebel. Toby is for Sale. Toby
will soon be
two years old
and ready to start with his
ground work.


Jimmy is the grandson of multi world champion
barrel racer Hez Dun Chilled. A dark bay mule colt
sired by our Mammoth jack Rebel. He is a nice size
boy and looking for someone to start his training. He
will be two this spring.

Diamondback Rusty

Rusty is a Mammoth jack weanling. He is Red
Roan with a large white star on his forehead.
Rusty has been petted and handled since birth.
His sire is Diamondback Buddy a 58 inch dark
brown/black Mammoth Jack and his dam is a
54" Red Roan Mammoth Jennet. Parents and
several siblings on premises. Rusty is use to mares
as his weaning sponsor is a mare, setting his mind
right for a potential mule sire. Rusty's
registration has been sent in. He is microchipped.
Rusty is weaned and ready to go to his new home.


Ellie Bell is a Dark Brown mammoth jennet. Her
mother is a 58 inch Mammoth and her father is a 55
1/2 in Frosted Spotted White Jack. When I measured
Ellie at 2 she was only 12.2 hands high, she has grown
a little since then but I'm not sure she will reach
Mammoth height. I'm also not sure if the registration
will leave her as a " Mammoth " if she fails to obtain
Mammoth height for her mature registration. She is a
friendly in your pocket jennet wanting to be with you
in everything you do. She will be old enough to start
training to ride the year after this. She has already
worn a bridle , saddle blanket and done some flexing
exercises. I'm only offering Ellie for sale because she
isn't as tall as I had hope she would be. Make no
mistake I have no problem with keeping Ellie if she
doesn't sell.


Elizabeth is a 54 in very dark brown ( some would call
black ) Mammoth Jennet filly. She is 4 years old this
spring and ready to start training to ride. Her mother is
a 54 in Red Roan jennet and her sire is a 55 1/2 in
Frosted Spotted White Jack. She has a small head and
a bit more refined than most mammoths. She is
extremely elegant. She has lots of energy and fire for a
donkey. She is friendly and use to being handled. She
is going to make someone a very nice saddle jennet.